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Our Story

Common Ground (nee Cheryl Cloud & Common Ground) was founded in the late 1970's. Their first record release was a vinyl EP called "Leaving Love Behind"in 1981 that received a small amount of airplay in LA before disappearing off the face of the Earth (Mark Cloud claims to have the one remaining copy). In 1984, the band was part of the pilot show for Billboard magazine's short lived "Video America" program in Europe; a bootleg of that appearance has been rumored but never confrmed by the band.

From the late '70s, until 1988, Common Ground performed their brand of folk/rock in every Southern California club imaginable...Gazzari's, McCabe's, Madam Wong's, The Troubadour, The Music Machine, The Bla Bla Cafe, The Ice House, you name it. Their videos received airplay on several programs in Los Angeles at the time. In 1988, after 10 years performing, they took a well deserved lie down that lasted until 1992; when they suddenly resurfaced to play a concert with Steppenwolf that was cancelled at the last moment.

In 1994 Cheryl Cloud & Common Ground released their first full-length CD, "HARD CHOICES." This eclectic work was produced against the backdrop of Cheryl's valiant struggles against cancer. The CD received very favorable reviews and (for an independent release) good sales.

It was believed at that time Cheryl had beaten the cancer; tragically, this was not the case and by 1995 the disease had returned. Cheryl Cloud passed away on August 3, 1995; hundreds turned out to her memorial service. Cheryl left behind well over 300 songs and had asked the other band members to continue recording them after she was gone. In 1996 that dream was first realized with Common Ground's release of their CD, "WINGS OF SILVER." This recording continued in the eclectic vein of "Hard Choices," and features 11 songs by Cheryl Cloud (with Cheryl making a moving appearance on 1 cut that had been started before her death) and also introduced the song writing team of Marcy Hogan and Mark Cloud.

1998 saw the release of "LIVE AT THE EMU FARM." Emu Farm introduced the world to new Common Ground singer Karen Ambellan who actually joined the band in late 1996, after the completion of "Wings." This live recording was very well recieved and has garnered airplay all over the world, including Russia, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, England, Ireland, the US and elsewhere ("The world and elsewhere!"). Emu Farm has been highly praised by critics and was definitely the start of a musical rebirth for the band.

In 2000 Common Ground put out 2 compilation CDs, "The Best of Common Ground: 1979-1999." These records gave the group the opportunity to release for the first time many recordings that had never been heard publicly before, including several from an aborted studio album project in 1984. Mark Cloud has often called these CDs his favorites, since they provide a comprehensive look at the band's entire history.

In November 2000, Common Ground began their first national radio push with the song "Hard Choices." The song reached #3 in the New Music Weekly Adult Contemporary chart for "most radio stations added" and has been heard in almost all 50 states. In 2001, "THE SONGS OF CHRISTMAS" was released...the first available solo record by Cheryl Cloud; SoC has been very well received by critics and fans alike.

"LEGACY," a collection from almost 20 years of Cheryl's solo recordings, has now been released and is available through this web site. An 11 song version, "LEGACY HIGHLIGHTS" has also been released at MP3.com at a discounted price. The first single release is "Masquerade" which did quite well at MP3.com this year. In 2002, Common Ground released 2 new CDs, "FROM THE COBWEBS OF OUR MINDS" and "JOYOUS SONGS OF SORROW." Both are exclusively available at MP3.com and feature live tracks from the Pine Mountain Folk and Blues Festival in 2001, as well as several unreleased and remixed tracks from throughout the band's 23 year career.

Common Ground have finished mixing their next CD "ON THE STREET" which is taken from live appearances in 1985 and 2001, plus unreleased studio tracks: including the George Harrison song "Wah Wah" which was intended for a tribute CD to the late musician released through now defunct label "Celtic Ways."

"We're just getting started..."

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