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Note from Mark

Cheryl never did stop trying, right to the very last day. She turned what was originally a six month death sentence into a five year journey with me and our children that in many, many ways was the best time of our life together (and that's saying something). In 1995, in recognition of her own struggles and for increasing cancer awarness through her music, Cheryl received the American Cancer Society's "Courage Award." The "new kind of chemo" David referred to was actually a form of gene therapy that she was to begin just a few days after her untimely death. She had laughingly started referring to herself as her doctor's "lab rat." She had, in fact, bought herself a set of false ears, nose and whiskers to wear during her first session at the research clinic. Sadly, she never got to wear them; I saved them, though, and will cherish them always. She left a legacy of love and music that will be with us forever