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3/14/05: Common Ground has been out performing again! Starting with the very fun appearance at the Big Bear Mountain Brewery for New Year's Eve 2004. Please check the Gig Page for more information.

Also, mixing and mastering work is completed on "
On the Street" the new Common Ground CD! Once the artwork is completed, the CD will be pressed and made available...hopefully in just a few weeks. Much of the CD is taken from the band's live TV appearance in 1985...just in time for the 20th anniversary of that show!

NOTE: With the unfortunate demise of MP3.com, the Common Ground CDs Joyous Songs of Sorrow, From the Cobwebs of Our Minds; and the Cheryl Cloud CDs, The Songs of Christmas and Legacy Highlights are now out of print (we have a very few copies left...fewer than 5 each). We are looking into other options, and should Common Ground start performing again, we will start another print run on all of them.

Hard Choices, Wings of Silver, and Live at the Emu Farm are all still available at fine record stores everywhere!

Also, the George Harrison tribute CD from Celtic Ways seems to have disappeared into the ether...we have received no word from CW in months. So "Wah Wah" will be included on the next Common Ground release, if and when it is completed.

11/2/02 - Common Ground has a Hit Single!
Common Ground's first national single release, "Hard Choices", in its first 2 weeks of release, remains at #3 for "Most Radio Stations Added" in the New Music Weekly Charts! The song is currently adding about 6 new radio stations each week...

12/7 -
Cheryl Cloud's first solo CD released! Just in time for Christmas...."SONGS OF CHRISTMAS" Volume One has been released on mp3.com/CherylCloud. This CD is taken from a collection of solo recordings Cheryl did in 1981. A second volume of this Christmas collection is also planned. Plus, we will soon release the two volume "LEGACY" CD on this page.

12/5/01 Cheryl Cloud's first solo CD of original material,
"Legacy" is completed and available! See the discography page for more details.

Common Ground now has their own recording studio! The first project is a recording of "Wah Wah" by George Harrison which is slated to appear on a tribute CD of the late musician's material. The release of the tribute CD has been delayed. Note from Mark Cloud: "Since we are not putting the CD together, I have no control over the release date. The last we heard, "Wah Wah" was VERY well received and was slated to be the opening track. Word is, the delay has to do with Major Label negotiations; I have no idea what that means!

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