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Mark Cloud

Mark live @ Natural Fudge company, Hollywood 1980
Mark Cloud: Vocals, Electric and Acoutic Guitars, Mandolin, Applalachian Dulcimer, Keyboads

Our Founder. Mark could be a source of endless stories and anecdotes about the band and its 26 plus year history were it not for his almost total inability to remember pretty much anything. He can often be found intensely studying his driver's license in a valiant, yet futile, effort to remember his own name. He is a mass of superficial neuroses, but these are more than masked by the grosser psychological ones. He is, nevertheless, very clean.

Mark after 26 years performing...

Despite his quiet and subdued nature when performing,
Mark can clearly make his prescence known simply by the emotional energy that he generates when on stage. Everyting about Mark is genuine, and that is perhaps the greatest compliment anyone can give anybody.

When asked about how Common Ground has stayed together for so many years Mark replied,

"Well, all good things must come to an end... which is probably why we'll be around forever."

What was he thinking?
If you listen all the way through
Live at the Emu Farm,
you'll hear an interesting song by Mark. We won't tell you what it is, so yu'll just have to get it and listen for yourself.