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Marcy Hogan: Vocals, Viola, Keyboard

A classically trained musician, Marcy also performs with the Pacific Symphony, The Torrance Symphony and the Emerald String Ensemble. Marcy provides a crucial and unique dimension to the band's music. While Marcy's 26 year involvement with Common Ground was clearly little more than a ploy to get the others to play at her wedding in 1997, it should be noted that her involvement with the band does go all the way back to 1979; and she looks poised to stay for the next 26 years, provided no one alters her dosage.


Marcy live with Common Ground at The Natural Fudge Company, Hollywood 1980

When on stage, Marcy performs with incredible concentration and stamina. Her work with the viola is absolutely incredible, and every note is marked with precision and fluidity.

Marcy at the Bla Bla Cafe, 1980