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Original Common Ground Web Site created by the marvelously talented Branden Thompson...The Celestrian!

The 1970s Irish/Celtic/Folk/Rock band Horslips have remastered and rereleased all their CDs and are finding renewed interest in their music. It's about time!!!!! One of the greatest and most original bands of all time. Cheryl and Mark Cloud had a number of interesting meetings/conversations with keyboardist Jim Lockhart in the 1970s...and (although he probably doesn't recall) he gave some great encouragement for the original formation of Common Ground. Do Check them out! Horslips.

A GREAT on-line radio station is "One Night at McSorleys." An incredible collection of folk, folk rock, and...well, try it out. You be glad you did! You will need to download the Radio 365 software, but that's easy and quick.

On a more serious note: Here is an article written by the wonderful author Spider Robinson. Highly recommneded reading; in fact, I wish I could make it available to every single person on the planet. Spider Robinson.

Just found out about these guys! They are a fantastic band and are good friends with the former Horslips fellows as well. You'll like them, I promise. The Marshmen. NOTE: This web site is off-line. Come back soon, guys!

For classic rock, you won't find a better band than Damn Good Question! Check 'em out (Not sure who the old hippy in the Hawaiian shirt is...); they're probably performing somewhere this weekend.

Richard Hollis has created a wonderful site for legendary folk rock band Steeleye Span.

Speaking of whom, Steeleye fiddle player Peter Knight has his own site with lots of fun stuff.

37 Years! Fairport Convention started English folk/rock and they're better than ever.

For some of the best folk/rock artists of all time, visit the Folk Corporation.

Earbuzz.com is a great place to find excellent, but hard-to-find artists. Including those Common Ground guys.

For more information than you ever dreamed about folk and folk/rock artists, check out the Green Man Review (Formerly the Folk Pages). They've said very nice things about C.G.!

And here's a good one for supporting independent music: Inside Indie Music

Common Ground's recording of George Harrison's song "Wah Wah" features Jaren Cloud on saxophone, and Rory Cloud on djembe. Look for it on Common Ground's next CD release...

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