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Karen Ambellan

Karen sitting on Dave Pegg from
Fairport Convention.
Don't Ask.


Karen was recruited into Common Ground 8 years ago. Rumors that she was tricked into thinking she was actually joining Heart notwithstanding, her vocal talents have allowed the group to rediscover the acoustic roots that brought them together in the first place.

Although her singing style is quite different, Karen is a wonderful interpreter of Cheryl Cloud's songs, bringing a touch of sophistication and class to the vocal arrangements that definitely takes the band into the next level. Karen was, recruited into Common Ground by Scott Van Dusen and, despite this, they remain very great friends to this day.

Karen at Pine Mountain, 2001

Did you know?
When Common Ground performs the song,
"My Daddy was Connected"
Karen often adorns a 1920's style brim hat. Past life intruding on present time?

Karen doing what she does best...as a friend once said,
"I love what she does on stage. She calls it singing, I think its marvelous."