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You can now order Common Ground CDs world wide over the internet using your credit card! We are on any number of sites at this point, but here are a few good suggestions...

First, there is the terrific site: Earbuzz.com Here you'll find our titles along with in-depth reviews and excellent music samples.

This is a good one too!
CD Baby.

Or, try Amazon.com , and click on "Music." You'll be prompted from there. They usually ship within 24 hours! They have listed "Hard Choices," "Wings of Silver" and "Live at the Emu Farm."

CD Now! has our stuff, too.

album price #
COMMON GROUND: Hard Choices $10.00
COMMON GROUND: Live at the Emu Farm $10.00
COMMON GROUND: Wings of Silver $10.00
Choose how many, and click
Orders sent by CD Baby - the fastest, safest, and easiest place to buy CDs online. You can also call 1-800-448-6369 to order by phone.

"The Songs of Christmas", "From the Cobwebs of Our Minds", "Joyous Songs of Sorrow", and "Legacy" are currently out of print. We hope to remedy that soon.

If you prefer, you can order all Common Ground CDs directly from Uncommonly Round Records, using this form. We are working on a secure line so we can accept credit cards directly...this should be up fairly soon.

For each CD please send $10.99 + $1.95 for shipping, and handling to:

Cloud Productions
P.O. Box 1109
Murrieta, Ca

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


You can license Cheryl's songs by contacting us through e-mail!