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Common Ground
announces plans for a new CD release!
"On the Street" is currently scheduled for release in September, 2005.

Please note: the CDs, "From the Cobwebs of Our Minds", "Joyous Songs of Sorrow", "Legacy Highlights", and "The Songs of Christmas" are all currently out of print. We are working to remedy this, but it may take a while. In the meantime, a few copies are still available via this web site. Please email any interest! commonground@uncommonlyround.com

Work is nearly completed on the "new" Cheryl Cloud & Common Ground CD "On the Street." This will be taken from the band's performances at the Orange Street Fair in 1985, and the Pine Mountian Folk and Blues festival in 2001. Also included will be several new studio tracks that were originally intended for an entire studio disk, that has been shelved for scheduling reasons.

Celstrian Creations will still receive the very first copy pressed! (Hi, Branden!)

"On the Street":
1. Masquerade
2. Leaving Love Behind
3. Absent Minded Woman
4. Playing Rock 'n' Roll
5. Summertime Blues
6. I'm Gone
7. Nutbush City Limits
8. Down to the River to Pray
9. Star of the County Down
10. Not to Blame
11. Daddy was Connected
12. Sometimes the Nigbt (Instrumental)
13. Wah Wah