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Bill Carrigan
BILL CARRIGAN: Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar

Bill's prowess on the bass , along with his quick wit (he has a seemingly endless supply of viola player jokes) made him a crucial member of the band throughout the eighties. He came to his senses sometime just prior to 1990 and left the band, seemingly for good. However, by late 1996...perhaps after coming off medication?...he allowed himself to be talked into returning.

When the band is one stage, Bill is the only one who actually dresses like he has a real job. He is known to be the only member of the band who has put on a three-piece suit and survived to retell the experience. You can't help but pay attention to him on stage because if you do not, you miss his clever facials and comments that often show just how good the chemistry is between the members of the band.

Bill at The Bla Bla Cafe, 1982

Bill the Human Jukebox:
Ever wonder why Bill plays the bass the
in the band? If Bill gets his hands a guitar,
he then can, and will, play just about
any and every song known to man!