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The Best of Common Ground 79' - 99'

First Released:


Produced by:


Uncommonly Round Records


Released exclusively through MP3.com, these 2 records span the career of Common Ground, from the band's very first recording sessions in 1979 right up to present day.

Each CD features several songs never before released: "A Million Faces" from those first early studio sessions; "I'm Gone" which was only previously heard in Europe via Billboard's short-lived "Video America" program in 1984; "Peace in Your Eyes" a song used for the group's first video project in 1982...a concert staple for Common Ground throughout the '80s; "There's a Light" written by Mark Cloud and Bill Carrigan in 1983; and the dynamic ballad "Empty Phrases" from 1984..

...with special thanks and a warm hello to Mike Tunstall, Jamie Barnett, Dave Barnes and Ken Devore.

Note: Because the masters for MP3 CDs can be changed easily, track lists on these 2 CDs may alter from time to time. You may want to check back every once in a while; future editions may include more unreleased tracks from the '70s and '80s!

Volume 1:
1. Wat Ye Wa/ Boys on Wheels
2. Peace in Your Eyes*
3. Dreams
4. The Airplane Song
5. Hard Choices (Live)
6. Empty Phrases*
7. I'm Gone*
8. Daddy was Connected
9. I'm Here
10. Git from Here Scot Free
11. Playing Rock 'n' Roll

*Previously Unreleased.

Volume 2:
1. I'll Never Know
2. The House on Pine
3. We Have to Choose
4. A Million Faces*
5. You Sure Knew How
to Lie
6. Senses Are a Reelin'
7. Wings of Silver (Live)
8. Paper Clips and String
9. There's a Light*
10. Battle Scars
11. Hold on Tight (Live)

* Previously Unreleased