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2/15/10: Lots of exciting gigs coming up...plus we are greatly expanding our marketing efforts! Please check back often!

11/16/09: This band is so lucky to have the great support of friends and family! First our wonderful videos from Jon Jurgensen, now a terrific, brand new one from Saturday's performance at Anthony's Ristrorante, produced by Nan Grenier; it's absolutely terrific...you can find the link on our main page! Thanks, Nan! And sincere thanks and appreciation to all our friends who come out and support us at the gigs...you guys are the BEST!!!!!

10/22/09: The "Jazz Ensemble" shows (Paula, Jaren, Bill & Mark) at the marvelous Vail Ranch Steakhouse have been going very well! Please check our schedule page; we'll be there alternating weekends! And don't forget, Paula is there on solo piano every Thursday, and Friday from 5:00pm-9:00pm, and Sundays 10:30am-2:30pm. We had great fun with the full 6-piece at out debut over at Anthony's Ristorante in Murrieta! A terrific restraurant and atmosphere...we'll be there again on November 14! The band is getting busier and busier...sincere thanks to everyone who has been supporting us!!!!!!

9/28/09: What fun...things have worked out really well with the new line up! Plus, we are getting busier and busier, with regular appearances scheduled at The Vail Ranch Steakhouse (thanks, Paula and Jaren!), and one nighters coming up at Knott's Berry Farm, Pechanga Casino, and elsewhere ("The world and elsewhere!"). Also, Jon Jurgensen did yet another fabulous performance video for us...live, as it happened! Do check it out on our video page. The band was on form and Jon does GREAT video work! And don't forget Paula's solo appearances at The Vail Ranch Steakhouse...Thursday & Friday evenings and Sunday brunch!

8/5/09: Alexis and Scott have come aboard seamlessly...they are both such amazing musicians and performers! The band is totally recharged and ready to get out and work!!!!!! Please check our schedule page; lots of gigs are already booked, with a whole lot more on the way! We are all absolutely thrilled...see ya out there!

5/26/09: Big, exciting and bittersweet changes are happening in the band! After nearly 4 years together, we are very sorry to report that we are losing three of our founding members!! Vocalists Kristina Rasband, Sarah Oddi, and drummer Tom Korner. Kristina is graduating high school and will be off to college in the Fall! We wish her all the luck in the world and hope that she will continue to gig with us on occasion, as she is such an amazing talent!!! And Sarah is getting married (Congrats to her and Scott Hermanson) and moving up to Northern California. You can catch her last official performance with us at Killarney's Irish Pub in Temecula on June 11th! Check the schedule page for details! We will absolutely miss both girls as they really are an amazing duo - such energy and talent! Tom Korner will be moving on to different ventures, and we wish him all the luck with his future endeavors!

On the upside, Guilty Conscience is proud to introduce vocalist Alexis Grenier, who will be making her debut with the band on July 24th for Temecula's Annual "Hot Summer Nights" concert series! Check out her website,
http://www.alexisgrenier.com/ and you'll see why we're so excited to have her join our team!

Also, re-introducing Scott VanDusen on percussion! Scott has occasionaly gigged with us over the years, but now we are honored to have him join us full time! He is a remarkably musical drummer who is frequently able to guide the rest of the band into the perfect arrangement of any given song. He holds the rhythm together on the band's assortment of timeless music. Truly a "drummer's drummer!"

Looking forward to a very productive and exciting summer! Hope to see you out there!

2/16/09: Many thanks to Lake Alice Trading Company, and all our friends who came out to support us! What a fun, fun venue! We will hope to be back there soon! After a 3 month slow down, things are picking up again...and we are very glad to be back out treading the boards!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/29/08: Our 2 nighter at B's Backyard Barbecue (the best barbecue around!!!!)in Big Bear was just a blast! Many thanks to Ron Bertorello and B's for having us...the band made a whole weekend out of it, visiting friends, and even taking a ride on the "pirate" ship "Time Bandit." Jill was in top form; and Jaren, Paula, and Scott (by request) launched into an amazing version of (!!!) "Linus and Lucy"; we definitely made a lot of new friends for the band. See y'all up there again very soon! For now, look for gig photos (courtesy of Kitty Burgmans) to be posted on the photo page on this site. On to gigs at Pala Mesa Resort and many others!

9/1/08: We had a fabulous time at "Temecula On-Stage" Saturday night! Great sound crew, stage, fine wine, cuisine...and terrific back stage catering and hospitality...we just had a ball!!!!!! Many thanks to Timmy d, Emily Reyes, and all who asked for Guilty Conscience to be booked there! We made lots of new friends, too. September will be very busy for the band...please check our performance page often...we are adding new dates all the time. In addition to the 7 piece band, our 4 piece "jazz combo" is gearing up to get quite busy as well...many thanks to everyone who has been supporting us and asking for the band by name. We appreciate you all very, very much!!!!!!!! We'd also like to thank the cities of Murrieta and Temecula for keeping us so busy over the summer...not to mention Timmy d Productions and Full Value Entertainment. See y'all out there!

6/12/08: Wow! The Balloon and Wine Festival was GREAT fun! Huge stage, incredible sound system and crew, enthusiastic friends and audience...it just doesn't get any better than that! Many, many thanks to Dave and 3HM Entertainment for booking us. Also, last night's gig at Killarney's was a whole lot of fun with people dancing in the aisles....and Sarah was absolutely on fire!!!!! We will definitely be looking forward to more bookings there; Killarney's is a terrific venue and could end up becoming our favorite place to play!

We are looking forward to Saturday at the Universal City Walk!

5/23/08: We had a fantastic time at the Temecula Music Festival! Many thanks to Bill Gould and Full Value Entertainment for having us; and, of course, to our good friend Tuesday who (as usual) did a fantastic job on the sound board! Oh...and sincere thanks to everyone who braved the heat to see the show! (Today as i write this, the temp has dropped down to the upper 50s. Go figure.) The St. Jeanne's show was great fun as well...the kids in the audience really responded to Sarah and Kristina, and a terrific time was had by all...looks like we'll be back next year, which we will be looking forward to very much!

In other news, we will be playing June 14 at Jillian's on thethe Universal City Walk! This is just a marvelous opportunity for Guilty Conscience and we couldn'r be more excited! In the meantime, we have several marvelous gigs coming up for the City of Temecula, the Guitar Center Plaza, and, of course, The Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival! Please check our performance page for details!!!!

5/4/08: Last night's show at Pechanga was great fun! Kristina Rasband is off performing in Boston this week (you go, girl!), so Jill Purczynski has graciously stepped in as official "sub." She did a fantastic job! And Sarah, of course, gave her usual, stunning performance...and they made an excellent team! The audience was up and dancing until the doors officially closed. A special request came in for a couple of numbers so people could do---of all things!---the Charleston; so Paula and Jaren quickly whipped up an arrangement of the Star Wars "Cantina Song." It was perfect! Sarah and Jill were soon helping to lead the dancers in an impromptu Charelston dance session. Look for a slide show of the event on this site...as soon as Paula has a few moments to put one together! (There is a gig with the GC jazz band later today...) Oh, and many thanks to Jill's husband Mike who took a ton of really great pictures!

4/29/08: Wow....What a rush!!!   It's been an exhilarating (but, exhausting) couple weeks!   April 9th, the amazing quartet ensemble (Kristina, Sarah, Jaren & Paula) performed at Gourmet Italia in Temecula...what a nice cozy atmosphere!  Thank you to owner Alex for having us!!   And to Debi Oddi for your support!  We appreciate you so much!

April 13th we played at the Old Town Murrieta Block Party, and what  a blast we had!!!!!!  The sound and stage crew were absolutely top notch. The Traftons do a fantastic job producing this event each year...much appreciation to drummer Ken Elsner who sat in with us on drums as Tom was out of town. Thanks to Debi Oddi for the video you took of "Let er Rip" (you can catch it on our MySpace page or on our "Video Page" feature on this site).

This past weekend was a double header:  Saturday, we got up before the birds to play for the 2008 Race for Humanity at Mt. San Jacinto (Menifee) Campus.  Thank you to Timmy d Productions for having us back again!   A great fund-raiser for a great cause!  Then, yesterday's performance at Lake Elsinore Frontier Days in Alberhill Park. It was was fun...but HOT!!   Many thanks to our family and friends who braved the heat to support us!   And many, many thanks to guest drummer Scott Van Dusen who sat in on drums for us...if you haven't seen him perform, this guy ROCKS!!!   Wow!   Also, we introduced vocalist Jill Purczynski, who got up to sing Pink Cadillac with us!  On May 3rd, Jill  will be "sitting in" with us for a private party as Kristina will be out of town. We will miss Kristina, but we are excited to have Jill perform with us that night! 

Please check out our photo slide shows on our website http://www.wine-down.com/GuiltyConcience/GC-Photopage.html, or check out our myspace scrapbooks for photos of all our recent (and not so recent) gigs!

As we move into summer, our schedule is filling up fast with shows all over the place. So thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting us over the last 2 1/2 years...we appreciate you all very, very much! This whole thing just keeps getting bigger and better!

4/18/08: Last Sunday's show at the Murrieta Block Party was a blast!!!!!! The event it self was a lot of fun, plus the sound and stage crew were absolutely top notch. The Traftons do a fantastic job producing this event each year...don't miss the next one in 2009! And much appreciation to drummer Ken Elsner who sat in with us...just a great gig! As we move into summer, our schedule is filling up fast with shows all over the place. So thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting us over the last 2 1/2 years...we appreciate you all very, very much! And special thanks to Ginny Mulhern who gave us one of our earliest breaks, and who remains a great friend to Guilty Conscience today. This whole thing just keeps getting bigger and better!

3/2/08: Lots to catch up on...The Temecula Valley Chamber gig at Pechanga Casino was a HUGE success. Thank you so much to the Chamber and Timmy d Productions for having us back this year; if you have never attended the event, it is well worth it. Mark your calendar for next year! Also, Paula ended up sitting in with the Frank Sinatra tribute singer during the cocktail hour, and had an absolute blast. And, last Saturday we made our debut at the beautiful Hilltop Restaurant in Pomona...a fabulous venue where we made lots of new friends. We can't wait to go back! This summer is starting to look like the busiest yet for Guilty Conscience...so, please, check our schedule page often; we are adding new dates all the time. See y'all out there!

2/4/08: Many thanks to Ponte Winery for letting us showcase the "softer, jazzier" side of Guilty Conscience. What a terrific venue and audience! If you can, spend a Saturday afternoon at Ponte tasting their excellent wine and enjoying their gourmet food...well, you'll thank me, you will. Sarah and Paula were absolutely stunning in their performance...a fine time had by all! We'll be looking forward to present ing a lot more shows with Guilty Conscience's "jazz trio!"

1/3/08: A belated Happy New Year to you all! Well, the new year is shaping up to be very exciting for the band....we are already looking forward to gigs at Pala Casino, Pechanga Casino, and the wonderful Race for Humanity benefit. Plans are also under way to record a CD for possible national release, and we are hoping to complete a new promo video. Most importantly, our sincere thanks to all our friends who helped make 2007 such a banner year for Guilty Conscience...we love and appreciate you all very, very much!

10/29/07: The recent fires caused our gig at Pala Mesa Resort to be postponed...our hearts go out to all those whose lives were affected by the tragic fires that swept across Southern California. All the best to all of you.

9/19/07: The Wilson Creek gig was fabulous! Wonderful people, beautiful setting,and a great cause! Many thanks to Rachel Mason and the Hospice of the Valleys for having us. Also thanks to our friend David Morris who came and helped out tremendously with the set up!

9/16/07: Once again, a quick, but very sincere thank you to all our friends who come out and support us at our gigs. You guys are the best! And we appreciate you more than we could ever express. Thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!! The Harveston show was loads of fun (not least because our young dancing friend showed up again! Hooray!). Tom's Farms was wonderful, too...and a special thanks to all who braved the heat (was it really 114 degrees?!?!?) to be there. Sometimes we get so busy with setting up and tearing down the gear we don't get a chance to thank you all the way would like...but we do appreciate you very, very much.

"Oliver" was a great success with a terrific cast, and, of course, wonderful musical direction from our own Paula Alrich...on to "The Wizard of Oz!"

Jon Jurgensen did an amazing job on our new promo video (catch it on this web site!) which is already opening new doors for us. Thanks, Jon!

8/5/07: Heartfelt thanks to everyone who showed up to our "Hot Summer Nights" show in Old Town Temecula! We just had a ball...you all were absolutely terrific (especially the young dancers)! Thanks also to Melody at Melody's Ad Works for booking us...what a great night! http://www.wine-down.com/GuiltyConcience/2007-HotSummernights.html
And many thanks to Jon Jurgensen who was there video taping the event for an upcoming promo DVD...he is going way above and beyond the call helping us get the word out about the band. Thanks, Jon!

3/2/07: The gig at Pechanga Casino for the Temecula Valley Chamber was a blast!!!!!! We played for a total of 4 hours, and had more fun than should be legally allowed. Many, many thanks to the folks at the Chamber for having us be a part of this spectacular event, and for treating us so very well (the catered dressing room was amazing!)! See y'all at Cahuilla Casino in a couple of weeks...

2/11/07: Added a new "Video of the Week" feature to the main page. Basically, around once a week (let's not be too precise about it!), we'll post a video that seems funny, moving, or generally interesting in some way. This week is an original and clever tribute to Monty Python members Terry Jones and the late, great Graham Chapman. Hope you enjoy it!

2/6/07: Wow! Did we ever have a great time in January! Guilty Conscience (under the musical direction of Paula Arlich) had the great pleasure of providing the music for a stage production of Disney's High School Musical (starring our own Kristina Rasband!). Rehearsals ran from December until showtime in late January. A lot of work and well worth it! We just had a blast. And now we are are ready to hit the road and start rocking the clubs and casinos again! See you there!

1/5/07: The new year is shaping up to be very, very busy! We already have gigs booked at Pechanga Casino, Cahuilla Casino, Keyways Winery and many more. Plus, we will be shooting a new promo video this weekend and we just added a Guilty Conscience slide show to this site! 2007 looks to be a banner year for the band!

12/14/06: Last night's gig for the Temecula Valley Chamber was absolutely fantastic! Sarah and Kristina were totally on fire!!!!! And what a great bunch of people to play for...not to mention a terrific venue. Just a total blast all around! Many thanks to the Chamber for inviting us! Also rehearsals have started for the stage production of "High School Musical," with Guilty Conscience providing the live soundtrack music...under the direction of Paula Arlich, of course! And starring Kristina Rasband...should be a terrific show!

11/27/06: After a very fun gig at Keyways Winery (one of our very favorite places to play!), we are taking a couple of weeks off. Then into December for a very busy month of gigs! Hooray! Please check the "schedule" page for specific dates. Sincere thanks to all our friends who are coming out to support us!!!!!

11/03/06: We have a couple weeks off from gigs, so we are heading back into the studio to continue working on our Christmas CD. It's coming out really, really well! It won't be in stores by Christmas, but we should have it available at gigs by then! Oh...GC now has a MySpace site, too! You can find it on the "links" page of this web site.

10/16/06: The gig at the So Cal Fair was a great success! It was Sarah's live debut with us and she and Kristina were fantastic together!!!! What a great, great day. Many thanks to our good friends who showed up to support us. You're the best!

10/10/06: Just got the word that Guilty Conscience will be playing at the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce "Member Appreciation" event on December 13. This is a tremendous opportunity for us, and we are very, very excited to be performing there! Also, work on the Christmas CD is going really well with 5 songs now in the can!

10/9/06: Great time at the Keyways Winery gig yesterday afternoon! Incredible scenery and perfect weather, wonderful people, and some of the best wine ever! Does it get any better than this? Many thanks to the folks at Keyways for having us there; See ya on the 22nd!

9/26/06: Exciting news: Awesomely talented singer/performer Sarah Oddi has joined Guilty Conscience! She and Kristina Rasband are going to make an absolutely killer team...see y'all at the gigs!

9/17/06: The Big Bear Mountain Brewery gig was a total blast! The music, food, and company were all awesome...even saw some old friends there from back when the world was young. Special thanks to all our friends and family who made the trek to the wilds of Big Bear to help us out! And to Don & Lil the owners for making us feel so completely welcome. See y'all soon!

9/12/06: Updated the blogosphere. Went to Big Bear to prepare for our Friday night appearance at the totally fab Big Bear Mountain Brewery!!!!! Found out the front way (Hwy 330) is closed, though, due to unstable ground under the road; could take months to fix. Everyone make sure they head up via Hwy 38 through Redlands: the "back way." Much prettier that way, anyhow!

9/11/06: Added photos to the gallery page/ updated main page/bios page.

9/10/06: The members of Guilty Conscience were in the studio today working on an upcoming Christmas CD. The recording and rough mixes came out great! 3 songs already "in the can" so far; 2 are smooth jazz arrangements, while the third is a more "traditional" sounding number. This promises to be a very eclectic CD indeed!

"Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid"---Frank Zappa