Paula Arlich-Keyboard, Vocals: The musical heart of the band, Paula has been playing piano since the age of 3 and is an accomplished composer, instructor, and performer. In addition to teaching private piano lessons, she is the musical director for Broadway Starz Musical Theatre Arts Academy, and house pianist at the Vail Ranch Steakhouse. Paula comes from a very musical family (Composer John Williams) is her uncle) and clearly has music in her blood. Plus, her instrumental CD has sold very well, and has been released nationally through Uncommonly Round Records. “A Ray of Hope” is currently available through Paula’s web site at , commercial web sites, and fine records stores everywhere!

Bill Carrigan-Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals: Bill arrives after nearly 3 decades with the recording/performing band Common Ground, whose 5 critically acclaimed CDs received airplay all over the world (several are still in print). Bill also performed for many years with the very successful Classic Rock bands “Freestyle,” and "Damn Good Question." Bill is rumored to know just about every song written before 1974!

Jaren Cloud-Saxophone: Jaren already has an impressive list of professional dates to his credit, including playing sax with the theatre group Broadway Starz,the excellent funk band Retreaux Parish, and numerous live and recording sessions with Common Ground, Yve Evans, The Robert Holtz Orchestra, and the Classic Rock band Damn Good Question. Jaren has also begun recording original piano pieces for a solo CD to be released later this year, and performs with the originals band, Joel and the Skywalkers. He also performs regularly with several Fullerton jazz ensembles.

Mark Cloud-Lead Guitar, Djembe, Vocals: Mark arrives after 28 years as a founder member of Common Ground; during his performing career he has played for audiences as large as 10,000, and as small as two (“And they were the waitresses!”); he has also produced several CDs by Common Ground and other artists; Mark co-founded and performed for a number of years with the excellent Classic Rock band Damn Good Question. For several years running, Mark has been listed in the prestigious "Who's Who in America" publication...something he is at a complete loss to explain!

Alexis Grenier- Lead & backing Vocals, Percussion: We are very proud to have multi-talented Alexis Grenier join Guilty Conscience! Alexis comes to the band with a Master’s Degree in opera from Oberlin College, plus extensive experience with Classical Music, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Folk, Musical Theatre, and, well, you name it! Alexis often describes herself as “somewhat of a fusion between my opera singing grandmother on one side and my rock ‘n’ roll father (a professional musician for over 10 years) on the other side.” Alexis also enjoys writing original music and has won numerous awards for her singing and acting abilities!

Scott Van Dusen-Drums, Percussion: Scott is definitely a "drummers drummer," and has played with some of the top bands in Southern California, including the excellent blues band, Tupelo Blue. Scott, Bill, and Mark spent 25 years in the band Common Ground, who cut a number of successful CDs in the 1990s...we are very proud indeed to have Scott join us in Guilty Conscience!
Scott is a remarkably musical drummer who is frequently able to guide the rest of the band into the perfect arrangement of any given song.  He holds the rhythm together on the band's assortment of timeless music."---Review of Scott's many performances.

Jon Jurgensen- Photographer, Video Producer...The audio-visual and technical guru for the band, Jon has nearly 30 years experience in video production, TV and radio commercials, and graphics creation.  He has worked with national and regional clients, including freelance work for Cloud Productions, AmerisourceBergen Corporation, Bryman Schools, and Good Neighbor Pharmacy.  Jon is a great friend and supporter of this "group of schizoid derelicts known as Guilty Conscience."

With musical backgrounds in Jazz, Rock, Folk, Classical, and Theatre, the members of Guilty Conscience came together to form a band where they could blend all of their disparate influences into one, cohesive whole. It is working beautifully! Don't miss this exciting new band...Guilty Conscience!

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  "A painter has canvas; a musician has silence." ---Keith Richards

"I have no silence; I have a radio head."---Paula Arlich of Guilty Conscience